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US-2007082833-A1: Low cost and low dishing slurry for polysilicon cmp patent, US-2007177305-A1: Pad slider design for on-slider ELGs patent, US-2007197745-A1: Polymethylaluminoxane preparation, method of producing the same, polymerization catalyst, and polymerization method of olefins patent, US-2008008233-A1: Double Equalizer for Multi-Path Rejection patent, US-2008021936-A1: Tools and techniques for original digital files patent, US-2008223056-A1: Control of a Refrigeration Circuit with an Internal Heat Exchanger patent, US-2008259576-A1: Electronic Device or Circuit and Method for Fabricating the Same patent, US-2008286477-A1: Ball stud patent, US-2009255572-A1: Sealed Thin Film Photovoltaic Modules patent, US-2009258239-A1: Appliance with coated transparency patent, US-2009291652-A1: Filter circuit, wireless transmitter, and wireless receiver patent, US-2009296484-A1: Apparatus for Generating A Voltage and Non-Volatile Memory Device Having the Same patent, US-2010026866-A1: Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus patent, US-2010086480-A1: Low radiocarbon dietary supplements and methods of making same patent, US-2004183662-A1: Method of operating an active obstacle warning system patent, US-2005240946-A1: Device for handling at least one optical disc, and method for this purpose patent, US-2006017997-A1: Image-forming device and scanning unit for use therein patent, US-2006026459-A1: Method and apparatus for storing data patent, US-2006064194-A1: Methods and systems for determining lithography overlay offsets patent, US-2006099530-A1: Polymerized toner and method for preparing the same patent, US-2006125705-A1: Feedhorn, radio wave receiving converter and antenna patent, US-2006147785-A1: Fuel cell patent, US-2006226457-A1: Ferroelectric memory device and method of manufacture of same patent, US-2006230228-A1: Determination of cache entry for future operation patent, US-2006230247-A1: Page allocation management for virtual memory patent, US-2007052951-A1: Method and apparatus for ground-based surveying in sites having one or more unstable zone(s) patent, US-2007159796-A1: Heat sink with vertical air flow panels patent, US-2007193534-A1: Control System For Hydrogen Addition Internal Combustion Engine patent, US-2008041972-A1: Spraying structure for an atomizer patent, US-2008059155-A1: Spectral bandwidth extend audio signal system patent, US-2008170279-A1: Tone correction apparatus and image reading apparatus patent, US-2009207502-A1: Zoom lens and image taking apparatus patent, US-2009233101-A1: Barrier laminate and method for producing same, device and optical component patent, US-2009290058-A1: Solid-state imaging device patent, US-2009291051-A1: Compositions having a heating effect patent, US-2010068802-A1: Novel human androgen receptor alternative splice variants as biomarkers and therapeutic targets patent, US-2003224835-A1: Method and system for extending backup battery life in primary line customer premises equipment patent, US-2004014686-A1: Combination of catechin and quercetin for pharmaceutical or dietary use patent, US-2004080046-A1: Semiconductor package having multi-layer leadframe and method of fabrication patent, US-2004085753-A1: Enhanced thermal indicator light system and method for the use thereof patent, US-2004145081-A1: Stator core resin molding method, resin molding structure, and mold used for resin molding patent, US-2004173892-A1: Multilayer laser trim interconnect method patent, US-2005059008-A1: Compositions and methods for identifying and targeting cancer cells of alimentary canal origin patent, US-2005098201-A1: Pure metal thermocouple and a normal temperature compensating wire therefor patent, US-2005105520-A1: Quality of service consistency checker in traffic splitter arrangement patent, US-2005157942-A1: System and method for estimating noise using measurement based parametric fitting non-uniformity correction patent, US-2005267914-A1: Method and apparatus for updating a database using table staging and queued relocation and deletion patent, US-2006064410-A1: System and method for providing an exit window on a user display device patent, US-2006214195-A1: Solid-state imaging device patent, US-2006226230-A1: Bar code addressing audio playing device patent, US-2007043166-A1: Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor chip and semiconductor device patent, US-2007096111-A1: Light emitting display patent, US-2007292522-A1: Method for forming microcapsules with multiple shell layers patent, US-2007298238-A1: Method for forming a hermetically sealed cavity patent, US-2008086306-A1: Speech processing apparatus and control method thereof patent, US-2008162124-A1: Transmitter and receiver for speech coding and decoding by using additional bit allocation method patent, US-2008165470-A1: Functional Carbon Material and Method of Producing the Same patent, US-2008190059-A1: Water-permeable concrete pad and form patent, US-2008238839-A1: Backlight assembly, display device having the same and method of driving the same patent, US-2008277525-A1: Hydraulic distributor for airplane landing gear patent, US-2009019522-A1: Web based application constructor using data spaces patent, US-2009044069-A1: Transmitter apparatus and multiantenna transmitter apparatus patent, US-2009120279-A1: Bearing restricting device in swash plate hydraulic pump or motor patent, US-2009123815-A1: Electrochemical energy store patent, US-2009290036-A1: Image sampling method and image processing method thereof patent, US-2010047698-A1: Hybrid multi-layer mask patent, US-2003210640-A1: High-speed, high-density data storage apparatus employing time-division-multiplexing technique, and data recording method and data reproducing method both using the apparatus patent, US-2004002168-A1: Apparatus and methods for detecting cerebrospinal fluid patent, US-2004098444-A1: Method and apparatus for synchronizing electronic agendas patent, US-2005020999-A1: Anesthetic delivery device patent, US-2005117115-A1: Fundus camera patent, US-2005161492-A1: Method of manufacturing mounting boards patent, US-2005179684-A1: Data exploration system patent, US-2005207767-A1: Image forming apparatus and image forming system patent, US-2006201205-A1: Mold for molding optical lenses patent, US-2007002076-A1: Mechanism for color-space neutral (video) effects scripting engine patent, US-2008033054-A1: Process for preparing memantine hydrochloride substantially free of impurities patent, US-2008137977-A1: Method of Generating Multiscale Contrast Enhanced Image patent, US-2008304103-A1: Image forming apparatus forming images in response to image formation request from operation unit or external device patent, US-2008317937-A1: Extruded Compositions Suitable for Use in Food Products and Processes of Making Thereof patent, US-2009046857-A1: Quantum cryptography transmission system and optical device patent, US-2009134229-A1: Manufacturing method of prducts attached with rfid label in a mold patent, US-2009150738-A1: Data communication apparatus, data receiving apparatus, data transmitting apparatus, and retransmission control method patent, US-2009161263-A1: Magnetic head and magnetic disk apparatus patent, US-2009225167-A1: Gauge line position measuring device, program for measuring a gauge line position, and gauge line mark patent, US-2010035035-A1: High Clarity Easy Tear Multilayer Films patent, US-2004085810-A1: Magnetic tunnel junction memory cell architecture patent, US-2004177926-A1: Method and apparatus for processing substrates and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device patent, US-2004224460-A1: Self-aligned process using indium gallium arsenide etching to form reentry feature in heterojunction bipolar transistors patent, US-2005105627-A1: Method and system for video filtering with joint motion and noise estimation patent, US-2005125382-A1: Search system using user behavior data patent, US-2005142423-A1: Fuel cell and fuel cell stack patent, US-2005224320-A1: Collapsible keyboard patent, US-2005262734-A1: Inner sole structure patent, US-2005283762-A1: Benchmark synthesis using workload statistics patent, US-2006077296-A1: Inverse tracking over two different clock domains patent, US-2006249292-A1: Casing running tool and method of using same patent, US-2007051136-A1: Method and apparatus for forming glass flakes and fibres patent, US-2007150319-A1: Method of expediting insurance claims patent, US-2007173748-A1: Far infra-red ray and anion emitting thermal rotary massager for decreasing fats in the abdominal region of a human body equipped with rotating electric connectors patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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